The staff and counselors, many of them have grown up at Camp themselves and now desire to give back a little portion of what Camp has provided them, are excited to interact with campers throughout the summer. Each counselor and staff are carefully chosen are excellent role models and strong leadership examples for your child. Counselors guide campers with common principles - impact campers through a positive growth in faith, character, confidence, respect and leadership and ensure a safe, fun-filled, non-competitive environment.

Our Camp Lackawanna counselors and staff are the most integral part in a camper’s development and acclimation with Camp Life. Our staff goes the extra mile – they take time to walk and talk with a camper when they need a friend, they are extraordinarily patient when teaching new skills, and they continually uphold a positive and safe environment for Camp Life. Our counselors and staff serve one united goal in which to help campers build their relationship with God in a safe, fun-filled environment.

Camp Director - Mykela Bricka


Mykela Bricka is a graduate from Mississippi State University and Duke Divinity School. She has several years of camp experience and is excited to be a part of the Camp Lackawanna team. She was called to camp ministry when she first began being a counselor in 2011. Mykela has a love for the outdoors and all of God's beautiful creation!