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The staff and counselors, many of them have grown up at Camp themselves and now desire to give back a little portion of what Camp has provided them, are excited to interact with campers throughout the summer. Each staff member is carefully chosen to be a fun, trusted adult and an excellent role model for your child. Counselors impact campers through positive growth in faith, character, confidence, respect and leadership, and ensure a safe, fun-filled environment.

Our Camp Lackawanna staff members are the most integral part in a camper’s development and acclimation with camp life. Our staff goes the extra mile – they walk and talk with campers when they need a friend, are extraordinarily patient when teaching new skills, and continually uphold a positive and safe environment for our camp.

Camp Director - Camp Johnsonburg


This summer, Camp Lackawanna is partnering with our Presbyterian colleagues over at Camp Johnsonburg. We'll be hiring and training staff together, and putting on a great program that is strengthened by this partnership.

You can expect a summer camp at Lackawanna that is safe, fun, and faithful, just like we've been doing since the beginning in 1962.  For questions, please get in touch:

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