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(Must be at least 15 to apply regardless of grade)

Camp Lackawanna campers make great SITs and many SITs return each year, therefore this program is competitive and open to those who truly stand-out. SIT is a two-week program where students will learn how to be leaders while also growing spiritually.


Before going further, there are three questions to ask yourself. Do you love being a positive role model to kids? Are you at least 15 years of age?  Are you ready for the most challenging summer yet at Camp Lackawanna? If you heard yourself answering “YES!” to all three questions, then we want you to apply for the Staff-In-Training program.


Being a SIT combines all the fun you’ve always experienced at Camp, but now you have the awesome responsibility to demonstrate what you learned, and be a part of the Camp Team. By assisting counselors, leading program areas, and leading vespers. Each SIT will be presented valuable leadership in all aspects of Camp Life.


For summer 2020 we will be offering two sessions. SIT session 1 being July 12th-24th and SIT session 2 being July 26th - August 7th. If you are interested in the program please send a email to to receive an application.

$400 for two weeks 

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