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Parent Information 

Everything you need to know about us and about our program!

Our Team for this summer

Our on-site leadership will feature Jim and Suzanne Bates, who have an immense amount of camp experience all over, including sites in Michigan, South Carolina, and Camp Brainerd in the Poconos. Recently retired and now un-retiring for this specific program this summer, they'll be leading our energetic team of young adult summer staff.

The Camp Lackawanna team is chaired by Tierney Ollendyke, who has been keeping things moving since last summer ended and manages camp, alongside the rest of the team, throughout the year. You'll also be talking to Wendy Frisby, who is a familiar face, having been the camp nurse for the last several years; this year, she's the camp registrar as well.

We've got a great team and we are going to have an amazing summer! We can't wait to see you at Camp soon!


Jim and Suzanne Bates, Summer Directors

wendy picture.jpg

Wendy Frisby, Registrar and Nurse

Tierney Ollendyke, Lackawanna Camp Team Chair


Summer STAFF

Our summer staff attend an intensive training that lasts about two weeks. During this training, we cover the latest and best practices for child safety and development, deepen our arsenal of fun games and songs, and build community with one another. Our staff this summer overwhelmingly have at least one full summer's experience with an overnight program before, and even our new staff have often helped with overnight programs and retreats in the past. Plus:

  • Camp staff have been through a background check and have to submit references as part of the hiring process.

  • Camp staff have current certifications in CPR and First Aid

Frequently asked Questions 

When is Check-in time? 

  • Check-in is on Sunday afternoons. We've had a few different check-in procedures over the past few years due to the pandemic. We're reevaluating what check-in looks like and specific check-in information will be sent out prior to your week of camp. 

When is pick up?

  • For week long sessions pick-up is on Friday in the late afternoon/early evening.

Can my child bring a cell phone?

  • Our camp is a technology-free program. We ask that cell phones, as well as other electronics, stay at home for your camper's stay. We are your partners; we'll be in touch if there's anything that needs to be communicated about your camper's stay. We encourage both you and your kids to write to each other via snail mail.

Where is the medicine kept?

  • All medication, even over the counter, is kept by the on site nurse and administered by them.

How do I contact my child while at camp?

  • You can mail letters to your child or send them emails that we will print and deliver to them, just like real mail! The email will be provided at check in. 

Parent Assurance


We’ve hosted tens of thousands of kids at Camp Lackawanna since the inaugural summer of 1962. Although every child's experience is different, we can assure you that camp has been proven to be incredible effective at strengthening social skills, fostering independence, supporting mental and emotional health, and deepening faith. It can be hard for kids to be away from home--and hard for you to have them away from home--but it is an investment in your child's future, let alone a fun way for them to spend a week this summer.


Will there be times that your child experience a feeling of being homesick? Of course, and it’s completely natural. Sleep-away camp is often your child’s first independent step without you, and it plays an important role in their growth and development. Our camp program is completely screen-free, which is part of the magic of the summer camp experience. We don't allow campers to call home (though we encourage them--and you--to send letters) unless in extreme circumstances, because often that makes homesickness worse.

Rest assured, the friends and connections a camper makes at a week of summer camp often stay strong for years afterwards...if not longer. Our well trained, energetic, and diligent camp counselors, as well as our experienced program staff leadership, will take good care of your child throughout their time at Camp Lackawanna.

If you have any questions about our program, please get in touch! We're looking forward to having an amazing summer.

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