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Contacting Your Camper

There are a few encouraging ways to keep your child focused on camp life.


Parents should plan ahead by writing letters before your child leaves for camp and mailing each a few days in advance so they receive letters daily. Letters are delivered to campers each day after lunch and receiving a hand written letter from home is always one of the most memorable parts of the sleep-away camp experience. We also encourage campers to write you from camp during their quiet time each day. Camp letters are filled with emotion and stories about the day’s adventures, friends they are meeting and so much more. Depending on the length of your camper’s stay, we encourage you to bring along self-addressed envelopes and stamps. Letters from your camper will be one of the most cherished keepsakes and the memories last a lifetime.

Example Letter Address:
Camp Lackawanna

1219 Vosburg Road

Tunkhannock, PA 18657

Care of: Camper’s Name


So that your child can focus on adapting to Camp Life, we do not allow campers to receive care packages while at Camp. If you feel there are things your child needs, we urge you to pack them (within reason) or contact the Camp for further details. 


Hand written letters are wonderful, but when you are unable to mail them on time, you may choose to email your camper. Emails will be printed out and delivered along with daily mail.


We prefer not to have parents call their children as we have found it disrupts the adjustment to Camp Life. This is one of the reasons that campers are not allowed to have cell phones.   If you need to talk to your child during their Camp stay, you may call the camp and the director will make the arrangements.

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