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Dear Friends of Camp Lackawanna,
Camp Lackawanna is a place that has nurtured our faith and our relationships for generations. 
That mission continues with the support and faithfulness of people like you who remember river trips, hikes through the trails and forest, and those conversations that set us on our journey of faith and discipleship in Christ. 
As you consider your end of year gifts or seek to give in memory or honor of those you love, please remember Camp Lackawanna. 
You may give by mail by sending directly to the Presbytery office
816 Olive St. Scranton, PA 18510
or through the Camp website or by PayPal at
Your gifts are tax deductible and 100 % are used for the ongoing needs of Camp Lackawanna. 
Mykela Bricka
Camp Director 

Do you remember the first time you visited Camp Lackawanna? The first time you sang by a campfire with friends? Or the first time you canoed down a river and the day broke out into joyous water fights?  Help us keep those Camp Lackawanna First experiences alive for those campers yet to visit, and fortify the Camp where so many formed memories that last a lifetime.


Camp Lackawanna and staff have served both youth and adults through countless journeys and adventures and have made a transformative effect on everyone who has stayed and visited.


Help us to keep Camp Lackawanna first and allow us to continue to offer this invaluable ministry for years to come.


We hope you will become part of keeping Camp Lackawanna first by participating in our programs, volunteering and/or donating. 



Whether  scholarship donation or a donation for the needs, programs and services, we thank you for making a tax-deductible gift to Camp Lackawanna.



Camp Lackawanna was established in 1962 and will celebrate its 60 year anniversary in 2022. The camp is a nationally recognized recreational, educational, and spiritual retreat center and has been visited by tens of thousands over the years. The Camp Lackawanna First fund has been established to keep the camp in a leadership position for years to come. From 2017 through 2022, the long term donation plan will ensure the Camp’s ministry and longevity. We welcome and appreciate multi-year and one time pledges of all sizes. Our campaign leaders would be happy to meet with you to discuss your interest and options.


To learn more, contact us by email,, or phone, 570-836-3444