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From the moment the wake up bell rings the day is filled with various activites that teach campers respect and responsibility for themselves, those around them and the place in which they live and play.

No matter the specific nature of the week of camp, each camper’s day will be filled with an exploration of activities, an encouraging group spirit, and togetherness. Camp Lackawanna prides itself on a well-established counselor to camper ratio, as we believe in surrounding campers with as much opportunity to build new friendships under their own independence while ensuring no camper feels lost or overwhelmed.



What Campers Say:

This was one of the best weeks ever! -Night Owl Camper

I love Camp Lackawanna because it is where I can be
free and be who I really am
and I get to meet nice friends, counselors, and CITs.
-Sports Adventure Camper

One thing that I learned about myself at camp is that I have much more confidence than I thought. -Wet ’N Wild Camper

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