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From the moment the camp bell rings in the morning to awaken campers, they are guided through the day by principles that teach campers respect and responsibility for themselves, those around them and the place in which they live and play.

No matter the specific nature of the week of camp, each camper’s day will be filled with an exploration of activities, an encouraging and non-competitive group spirit, and togetherness. Camp Lackawanna prides itself on a well-established counselor to camper ratio, as we believe in surrounding campers with as much opportunity to build new friendships under their own independence while ensuring no camper feels lost or overwhelmed.


After the morning bell rings, campers ready themselves for morning assembly and breakfast and learn what their day holds. Cabin members enjoy breakfast together and assist in serving and clean-up of the dining area. To fortify personal spirituality, breakfast is followed by morning worship time. Then campers are off for their first team experience as they pitch in to clean up and even decorate their cabin to earn the prized cleanest cabin award. Yes parents – they do clean up and make their beds here at camp. We hope that continues at home, but we can’t promise miracles. Campers will then rotate through the daily activities and adventures with their fellow campers and counselors.


Camp counselors and staff are always on hand to encourage participation in the many daily activities knowing that some campers may have never experienced some of the adventures. Next is lunch and cabins share responsibilities for setting tables and cleaning up. There is a quiet rest period, Canteen, because everyone likes a bit of sweets, and always another activity to round out the afternoon. After a delicious evening dinner there is a camp-wide activity to build team spirit followed by a nightly campfire and enthusiastic singalongs. As the campers begin to yawn, it’s back to the cabins for showers, nighttime devotions, and lights out.

Once a camper experiences all Camp Lackawanna has to offer, they come back year after year. Many of our campers become counselors-in-training and summer staff members and even board members later in life. Come join us this summer to begin your Camp Lackawanna adventure.

What Campers Say:

This was one of the best weeks ever! -Night Owl Camper

I love Camp Lackawanna because it is where I can be
free and be who I really am
and I get to meet nice friends, counselors, and CITs.
-Sports Adventure Camper

One thing that I learned about myself at camp is that I have much more confidence than I thought. -Wet ’N Wild Camper