Parent Information 

Everything you need to know 


  • Camp staff have been through a background check

  • Camp staff have been trained to follow appropriate interpersonal boundaries and behaviors 

  • Camp staff have valid certifications in CPR and First Aid

  • Camp staff  have attended and participated in an orientation in which they learned policies for the prevention and reporting of child abuse (both at camp or back home) 

  • All one-on-one talks are done through an open door policy to ensure that they are still in sight of others at all times

What is Tiered Pricing 

Tiered Pricing is something we offer at Camp Lackawanna to better accommodate our families.

We offer three different tiers for you to chose from. Tier 1 being the lowest cost, tier 2 the middle, and tier 3 the highest. Tier 3 is closest to what it actually cost for a camper to attend Camp Lackawanna for a week. We hope that your family discusses these options and pick what best reflects the needs of your family.

Frequently asked Questions 

When is Check-in time? 

  • For week long sessions Check-in is from 2-4 on Sundays

When is pick up?

  • For week long sessions pick-up is form 9-10 Saturday mornings 

Can my child bring a cell phone?

  • NO! we do not allow cell phones at cap but will contact you if needed

Can my child bring a fan?

  • Yes we do allow fans in the cabin but there is only one plug per cabin 

Where is the medicine kept?

  • All medication, even over the counter, is kept by the on site nurse and administered by them

How do I contact my child while at camp?

  • you can mail letters to your child or send them bunknotes through our bunk1 program. Photos of camp will also be posted daily to bunk1