Why Send your Kids Off To Summer Camp

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At Camp Lackawanna we always like to share letters from our mom’s and dad’s that have sent their kids off to camp. We love how they once went to camp and are not only carrying on the tradition but the excitement and knowledge of what they got from camp. Here is a letter from one of our parents. She was very apprehensive about a 2 week camp for her twin boys. We invited her out to visit the camp, the facilities, the cabins and the dinning hall. She was really impressed with how well we were organized and how friendly the staff and counselors were.

Here is her letter::

“When I was growing up, I begged and begged and begged to go off to summer camp with my best friend, Shane. I would try my best to get good grades and behave myself at school. I even picked up extra chores around the house and made sure that I did them on time. I marked my calendar with different color X’s as I counted the days. At the drop-off , I didn’t even feel homesick. I felt like I was free and all grown-up. The rush that I felt was more than what I had expected and I can still imagine it to this day. The outdoors always fascinated me and even though the air didn’t smell like anything, I breathed in as I imagined smelling pine cones. I even got postcards from most of my teachers. It was awesome!

20 years later and I now have two kids. They’re twins- Zack and Bryan. They had just made it home and told me about how the school had handed out permission slips to go to camp. I was so excited for them! I started babbling about how I went to camp and all of the fun things that I did and the friends that I made. Actually, I’m still friends with some of them today! I ended my story with a loud and cheerful, “You guys are going to love it!” They just blankly stared at me at first. Then, they proceeded to tell me that they had no intentions in going and made their way to their room.

I was kind of disappointed because I knew how fun it was for me, and I wanted my babies to experience that. The next day as I was fixing their lunch for school, I called them in the kitchen. I asked them why they didn’t want to go and they said they were scared. Long story short, after a little “mama talk” I convinced them that they would love it and nothing could possibly go wrong. “They have horses and games and painting!”, I said trying to drum up excitement. Then I handed them their permission slips that I had already signed prior to this conversation, and sent them on their way.

The next few weeks, they got ready for camp. After I told them some rules and what I expect of them they came up with a plan. They made a brotherly oath to protect each other and always stick together. “It’s only two weeks”, Zack reassured Bryan. They began to seem more and more excited about it as the time approached.

I remember standing at the bus waving them off. I was so excited. 2 weeks without my babies seemed like forever , but I was too thrilled to be sad. When they came back, I gave them a big hug, as they took no time telling me all that went on. They talked about it for weeks and they thanked me for making them go.

Sending kids to camp is not for wimps or nerds. It involves bravery on both sides and also some emotional pain. Not being without your kids can really suck, but letting them explore their independence is crucial for their growth. I’m glad I did it!”

 – With Sincerity and Much Appreciation – Cathrine Goldstein


Here is a video of 2 girls going off to a camp in Utah for 2 weeks. For kids that sometime seems like for ever. But with logs of hugs, smiles and laughter – time goes by faster then can imagine. These teenage girls build relationships, went on day trips to land marks in and around the camp grounds. It just looks like these kids are having an amazing time. When they got home – they had so much to share with their friends and parents.

Summer Camp tips for Parents

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It is not too early for parents to be looking for a summer camp for their child. There are many camps you can take advantage of when looking for summer options for your child. Great camps are what you need when looking for the the perfect summer experience. A summer day camp may be the perfect option for your child this summer, but to have an overall successful experience it is important for parents to be advised of some of the following tips as I did.

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Summer Camp tips for Parents Texas Summer Camp
Limit your involvement in the camp. Parents interfering with their children is one of the things that keep children from adjusting to summer day camps. Kids can benefit from camps in a number of ways with a variety of activities that appeal to them however, parents interfering is one of the things that will limit children’s enjoyment of camp. Having parents present the child becomes to depent on the parents doing thing for the child. The other biggest down fall is the child will not know how to develop skills on how to interact with new kids. It is important for a child to explore new relationships and friendships. To overcome conflict themselves. The other aspect is the child must learn how to do things on their own – weather it is crafting, zipping up their jacket to asking for going to the bathroom. Small things like this can build the child’s confidence and independence for later in life.

Sometimes parents are more nervous their their child when dropping them off at summer day camp. A  relaxed parent will prepared their son or daughter to enjoy and look forward to camp experiences.
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Be prepared and Lead by Example

Give the expectation that you are happy and looking forward to the child’s time at camp and they should be too. Talking about their day and getting excited and listening to everything they are telling you. Let them share their excitement and enthusiasm. You can tell them you miss them – but that will only at times have your child possibly feel guilty. Telling the child you need them gone so you can run errands or go to meetings is a definite no-no. Focusing on the child and their experience is key to a happy day camp kid.

Don’t Create Too much Change while they are at Camp
Don’t move, give away possessions or significantly alter your child’s environment when they leave for camp. Remember they want the familiarity of the home they knew when they come home from camp so make sure that is an option for them when they return from their summer adventure.
Following these tips should ensure your child has the summer camp environment they are looking forward to. It is simply one of the options to make sure that both you and your child benefit from the summer camp experience and make it a positive experience for both.